The Art of Personalisation: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift

In the maze of gift aisles and the vast ocean of online shopping options, the art of gift-giving can sometimes feel more like a science. But fear not, for we have the answer! Personalisation is the secret ingredient that can transform a nice present into an unforgettable one. It's more than just engraving a name on a mug; it's the craft of weaving someone's essence into a gift. So, how do you master this art and choose the perfect personalised gift for someone special? Shop, visit, or join us for an experience, and we'll guide you through it.

Understanding the Recipient

To choose a gift that enhances the prospects of engagement, you need to play detective and discover more about the person. Dive into their likes and dislikes, hobbies, and passions. Are they a bookworm, a tech aficionado, or a coffee connoisseur? Knowing these details up front not only makes your gift more personal but shows you’ve taken the time to understand them.

Key Questions to Consider:

  • What is something they’ve mentioned wanting in passing conversations?

  • Which activities light up their eyes when they talk about them?

  • What is a typical day in their life like, and how could your gift fit into that?

Don't forget to capture special moments together with a photo to remember the date!


Consider the Occasion

Is it a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or perhaps a graduation? Each event comes with its own set of unwritten rules and emotional expectations. A 21st birthday might call for something more memorable and perhaps even an investment piece, while a housewarming may steer you towards practicality married with style.

Occasion Match-Up:

  • Birthdays: something that celebrates the individual, surrounded by friends, with heartfelt messages and maybe even a surprise

  • Weddings: something for the couple to enjoy together, with well wishes from friends and family

  • Achievements: something that acknowledges their hard work and is accompanied by messages of congratulations and a surprise to make them feel special

Customization Options

In the quest for personalisation, the market of customisable gifts is your oyster. From engraved jewellery and bespoke stationery to custom illustrated portraits and monogrammed leather goods, the aim is to create something uniquely theirs.

Justbrand strives to offer a wide range of thrilling gifts with countless customization options, ensuring a truly unique and memorable experience.

Thoughtful and Meaningful Gifts

Sometimes, personalised gifting can carry a profound meaning—like a framed photo of a cherished memory or a first edition of their favourite book. Reflecting on past conversations or shared experiences can guide you towards a genuinely thoughtful present for your loved one. Dig deep and think of inside jokes or stories that could be captured in a gift. If you have a particular talent or creative skill, consider creating a DIY gift. With a little effort, you can deliver a truly special and meaningful gift.


Budget-Friendly Options

Personalisation doesn’t require lavish spending. Small touches, like a handwritten note or a DIY gift, can convey as much (if not more) sentimentality as pricier options. Experiment with customising gifts yourself; it could be through artwork, crafting, or assembling a heartfelt gift basket.

Cost-Saving Tips:

Opt for customisation options that are free or low-cost, such as engraving at the time of purchase.

Presentation and Packaging

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The gift's presentation is the drumroll to the moment of truth and should never be an afterthought. Consider wrapping that echoes the essence of the gift, whether it's with sustainable materials for an eco-warrior or glitzy paper for someone who loves a bit of sparkle. Even the card should reflect the thoughtfulness placed into the gift itself.

Presentation Ideas:

  • Wrap the gift in a reusable fabric for those who appreciate sustainability

  • Use ribbons or bows that the recipient could reuse in some way

  • Personalise the gift tag or use a unique card that matches their personality

Leveraging Branding for Personalised Gifts

Creating a unique gift becomes even more special when it taps into the power of branding. For loved ones who hold certain brands close to their heart - be it a favourite fashion label, tech company, or even a cherished sports team - incorporating their interests into the gift can add another layer of personalisation.

When gifting to a brand loyalist, consider items that allow for an integration of their preferred brand with a personal touch. Collaborations between brands and artists or customisation services offered directly by the brands themselves could provide that unique blend of personal and professional tailoring.

Brand-Centric Customisation Ideas:

  • Seek out limited-edition items or designer collaborations that align with the recipient's favourite brand.

  • Personalise branded merchandise with the recipient's name or initials - this could range from luxury handbags to sports jerseys.

  • Commission an artist to create a custom piece of art or an illustration that combines the recipient's likeness with the iconic imagery of their preferred brand.

Remember, the objective is to celebrate the individual's tastes by combining their affinity for a specific brand with a gift that's made just for them. And don't forget, a personal gift for a special occasion can be as simple as a heartfelt handwritten note or a thoughtful gesture that shows you truly care.

Corporate Gifting Strategy

Delivering personalised gifts on special occasions is a powerful way to strengthen business relationships and build brand loyalty. By tailoring your approach to reflect customer preferences and interests, you can make a big difference in retaining customers. Offering loyalty rewards or exclusive promotional gifts to long-standing customers shows that you value their business. Sharing samples of new products, especially those that complement previous purchases, demonstrates anticipation of their needs and preferences. By investing in corporate and customer gifting, you send a clear message: you value your professional and customer relationships and want to nurture them carefully. It's not just about the gift itself; it's about the overall customer experience and the difference it can make. Imagine the impact on your brand, customer satisfaction, and loyalty when you go the extra mile to show that you appreciate their business. No matter the industry, personalised gifts can make a significant impact on your marketing efforts and store's reputation. Service is key, and by providing exceptional customer service and personalised gifts, you can create a lasting impression that sets you apart in the business world.



Personalised gifts are more than just a present. It's a conversation piece, a memory trigger, and a decipherable code that says, "I see you, I know you, and I celebrate who you are." When shopping for gifts, consider the occasion and the special message you want to convey. Remember, the perfect gift often lies in the smallest details. This era of personalization brings joy to both givers and receivers, stretching across their faces. And for those shopping in South Africa specifically, don't forget to explore the hidden gems in local markets and the treasure trove of personalized gifts South Africa has to offer. So, here's to finding that impeccable present and witnessing the look of genuine appreciation when it's unwrapped—a feeling that's truly unparalleled. Happy gifting!

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